Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sebastian Kehl's Penis Exposed During Game (Video)

One guy pulled the German soccer player Sebastian Kehl's shorts during a game, causing Sebatian's dick flapping out. While Sebastian is running with the guy pulling his shorts, he glances down and sees his penis out and flapping. Sebastian stops running and raises his arms out, like he's saying: "Dude! My Dick!" Sebastian then casually returns his penis back to its parking spot.

Just in case you had never seen the glory moment of Sebastian Kehl, well, the pictures are here, ya, the video clip is here also. No need to thank me, but thank the guy who grabbed Sebastian's short and causing the little Sebastian exposed. Ops! sorry, Sebastian's penis is not little, this German guy has a nice penis.

Enjoy the pictures of Sebastian's penis here.

The video clip is here.