Friday, May 2, 2008

Jude Law Caught Naked When Changing Underwear

These are the old photos of the actor Jude Law who was caught naked when changing underwear at his mother's house. The photos were circulated since 2005. I have been keeping these photos for years and I decided to post here today because I am housekeeping my harddisk. Not only Jude Law, other nice photos in my collection will be posted here, sooner or later.

According to Page Six, the photo was being "shopped around" and all these publicists were making fun of his poor wiener for being small. It looks like a normal dick to us, but maybe those media girls have been around enough to know better than us.

He is uncut because he is British, Britsh males aren't circumcised at birth like many Americans.

You can see Jude Law's naked photos right here after the jump.