Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hungarian Big Brother Segal Showering (Video)

No doubt, "Big Brother" is a great and most popular reality show, and most of the contestants are good looking and some of them have huge muscle, just like this Hungarian muscle man, Segal.

I have never watched this show before but I always see some great pictures of Big Brother from Internet. Some of the contestants really "generous", in term of showing their bared body in front of the camera. Hungarian muscle man Segal is one of them, he is not stingy to show his naked body in front of the camera, of course he didn't try to hide his dick also when he is showering and drying off after shower.

However, there are many contestants really avoid baring in the show, they always looking for something to cover their bodies, this is what we don't want to see. The people sitting in front of the TV always looking for their "privacy." This is what a human always looking for, we can't deny. Most of us are just like peeping tom, of course I am one of them.

Enjoy the video clip of Big Brother Segal showering and drying off.