Thursday, April 17, 2008

Chinese Actor Sunny Chan's Nude Scene In Movie 愈快樂愈墮落

The Hong Kong actor Sunny Chan 陳錦鴻 was shocking the audiences in Hong Kong when he appeared nude in the Chinese movie 愈快樂愈墮落 in 1998. There are very rare Chinese movies that can find Chinese actors show their full frontal. This is why everyone was shocked with his performance in the movie.

In the movie, the actress Chingmy Yau opened the shower curtain to talk to Sunny Chan when he was showering, he then turned around to face Chingmy and his naked body exposed in the scene. The scene was last about 7 seconds.

No comment on his asset, because it is given by god. Some nude pictures of Sunny Chan 陳錦鴻 that extracted from movie 愈快樂愈墮落 after the jump. Proceed if you want to see them.