Saturday, March 1, 2008

More Female Stars Involved In Edison Chen Sex Photos Scandal

Hong Kong police just leaked out the information on the new female stars who also involved in Edison Chen's sex photos scandal, more names are being thrown up.

Could there be a “mole” in the police? Even if “Kira” has stopped his work, another list of female starlets involved has been made known and it includes seven of them plus shockingly, two guys as well! Two photos included 3P scenes while one of the guys is apparently a male artiste.

All of them have been given nicknames to mask their real identity. I shall not translate their nicknames because it wouldn’t make any sense in english. I am not going to name them either since it’s not really confirmed but you can make a guess on who it might be from the description and their silhouette images.
The 7 female starlets and 2 guys
The article did describe each set of photos belonging to each person but I am not going to go into detail for that since most of them are x-rated anyway.

Is widely known to have a “hefty” chest and is a foreigner. She tried to make a name for herself in Hong Kong by leaving her country of birth. But her star never shone despite few years of hard work and she has been receiving lesser work as time goes by. She was initially implicated and forced to leave Hong Kong to take cover. But the rumours from police indicate that she is implicated in this.
She in her early day took “racy” pictures but has since cleaned up her act and is now known for her acting talent. But she is still being labelled as a sexy star. She has a proportionate body and appears outgoing. Despite having worked with Edison just once, they hit it off straight away.
Debuted as a model and is known to have ”pierced rings”. She is of mixed blood and is slightly on the thin sight but her outgoing personality has charmed many guys. She hits it off well with Edison because both of them are “devilish” in nature. They still keep in contact even though they have broken up, and occasionally engage in a fling.  

This person has a “big sister” role in the industry and hasn’t dated for quite a few years already. She claims Edison is her good brother and friend but their close relations has led many to suspect it isn’t that simple. To protect her reputation, she denied any involvement when this scandal broke. But according to sources, she is also one of the implicated starlets.

She is slightly tanned and hails from a family who are incidentally all entertainers. Has a rebellious character and loves to play around. She changes her boyfriends like traffic lights. But she likes foreigners especially and has been spotted with many of them in the past. She was once spotted wearing a T-back swimsuit for a tan. It’s known that Edison managed to snitched her because they both grew up overseas and studied together.。
She has a beautiful step-mom and has a rich dad so she is considered to be very wealthy. Despite not being part of the industry, her boyfriend once dabbled in a band with Edison’s friend and so often got together during night time. She is understood to have a fling with Edison being getting together with her present boyfriend. But her relationship with Edison was never bought to the surface or discovered.

Debuted along the path as a pure innocent idol and was set to be the company’s trump card. But thanks to recent bad publicity, her popularity has sunk to a new low. She refuted earlier claims that she was involved in the scandal but according to latest news, she is definitely involved in this.

Edison who has hooked many women, taking their pictures and also engaging in plots even, has also done 3P scenes too. He is seen playing a girl with another man in some photos. Although this man isn’t wealthy and has fought with Edison before, but they manage to patch up and found that they had the same interest, engaging in 3P with a girl outside of the industry.

Sometimes friend sometimes helper. Although he is short, he has dyed golden hair and is a unattractive artiste in the industry. But thanks to Edison, he also has women throwing themselves at him. It’s said that the both of them often get together with new girls and take videos.