Friday, February 29, 2008

Edison Chen Leaves Hong Kong Secretly

Edison Chen’s mode of escape was described in detail by the media today as he managed to shake off the cluster of media camping at the Four Seasons Hotel and made his “escape” overseas without too much attention.

Yesterday at 7 in the morning, the 7-seater car (which Edison used to get around) and the BMW (used by his bodyguards to cover his car) left Four Seasons Hotel for Edison’s home and parked there until around 3 in the afternoon before it returned to the hotel. The reporters were shocked to learn that Edison was sighted at the airport at around 2.45pm. He had apparently took another car during that period to get to the airport. It’s said that he said goodbye smugly when he passed by the boarding gates.

He is expected to be discussing a possible movie deal in Los Angeles through his Hollywood agent, William Morris before leaving for New York where he will enrol in the six months movie production course at New York University. He will thus not be back in Hong Kong for at least the next year or so.

Edison participation in the investigations with the police ended on 26th February and he has stated through his lawyers that he left Hong Kong knowing that his status is that as a victim. But the police claims otherwise and said that that is what Edison thinks. They refused to count out the possibility of him turning into an accused party.