Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Man Crowned Title By Eating 103 Hamburgers in 8 Minutes

A 23-year-old man Joey Chestnut from San Jose, California, beat 12 other contestants to win the title at a famous hot dog eating competition on Oct. 28, 2007. Joey Chestnut swallowed 103 small hamburgers in 8 minutes and walked away with $10,000.

He also broke the previous record of 97 and 2½ inches square Krystal burgers. The previous record was set in last year’s Krystal Hamburger Eating Competition by the famous hamburgers eater, the 29-year-old Japanese, Takeru Kobayashi who won all previous Krystal Hamburger Eating Competitions. However, Takeru Kobayashi didn't take part this year due to lingering jaw pain from having a wisdom tooth extracted.

The vice president of marketing for The Krystal Co., Brad Wahl said: "We never thought we'd see someone anywhere near, let alone past, the century mark when we started the Krystal Square Off in 2004."