Saturday, April 19, 2008

David Beckham Naked Photo Shows His Uncut Dick

This naked photo of David Beckham that circulating on Internet was said to be a fake one. However, some people were so confidence that this is a real naked photo of David Beckham because somebody who had sex with David Beckham before, revealed that David Beckham's dick is uncut. (The close-up photo of David Beckham's uncut dick is after the jump.)

As quoted by NIMBUS in forum, "Victoria was reported somewhere as saying (off the record) that he(David Beckham) wasn't(circumcised). There was a lot of speculation at one time because his maternal grandfather is Jewish and David was quoted as saying that as a child he used to attend synagogue with his grandfather, to whom he was very close. That got those who wished he was into a lather on the subject. However, neither of his parents are religious and therefore it was concluded that it was unlikely that circumcision had been carried out for traditional reasons."

Anyway, for those who like to see him naked, whether this naked photo of David Beckham is a real or "photoshopped" one, who care?